Langton Matravers Village Hall

Registered Charity No: 260975

Village Hall Sessions
Morning Session - 8:00am to 1.00pm
Afternooon Session - 1:00pm to 5.30pm
Evening Session - 6:00pm to 11:00pm*
 * Please note an extension from 11:00pm until midnight will incur an additional charge of £15.00
Music and entertainment must comply with the terms of the Entertainment Licence and cease at 11:00pm.

Langton Matravers Village Hall Hiring Charges ( as at 01/01/2015)
Main Hall (per session - including use of kitchen, heating, lighting and powerpoints)
 Village Organsations - £15.00
 Private Clubs - £20.00
 Residents of Langton Matravers for own use - £25.00
 Non-local organisations - £40.00
 Non-locals for private use - £40.00 
 Memorial Room for Meetings (per session)
 Without use of kitchen - £10.00
 With use of kitchen - £15.00
Whole complex (per session, including Main Hall, Kitchen, Meeting room and Snooker room with Snooker table covered)
 Village Organisations - £30.00
 Private Clubs - £35.00
 Residents of Langton for own use - £40.00
 Non-local organisations - £60.00
 Non-locals for private use - £60.00