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Village Hall Sessions

Morning Session

9am - 1pm

Afternoon Session

2pm - 6pm

Evening Session

7pm - 11pm

Main Hall or Events Room

Regular Bookings           

£20 per session

Residents of Langton Matravers for own use (one off bookings)

£30 per session

Childrens Parties

£30 per session

Other Groups

£45 per session

Memorial Room

Memorial Room

£12 per session

Whole Complex (excluding Kitchen)

Residents of Langton Matravers

£60 per session

Other Groups

£80 per session

Kitchen (Beverages only)

No Charge

Kitchen (Catering Food)

£25 per session


£200 per day

Booking a license

Those booking the hall for an event that requires a license to serve alcohol should apply to Dorset Council.   A copy of the certificate of license to be forwarded to the booking clerk two weeks before the event.   Proof of license must be available at the event.

Information can be found at

Music and entertainment must comply with the terms of the ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE and cease at 11:00pm.

If an extension is required, you must inform the booking secretary at least 2 weeks in advance and there will be an additional charge of: £20.00

For our full terms and conditions, please click here.

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